Pirelli 42

Pirelli is not only synonymous with high performance tires but also with a brand that has made the history of inflatable boats. At Milano yachting Week – The digital boat show you will find the top of the new range of Pirelli maxi ribs, the Pirelli 42. Technorib, the company that produces the Pirelli, has designed and produced this new super inflatable boat succeeding in making it with the same canons of a luxury maxiyacht.

An inflatable boat that is also a luxury yacht

Is it possible that a dinghy is a luxury motor boat? It is enough to see at the digital Boat Show what the Pirelli 42 looks like through photos and descriptions to understand that the enterprise has succeeded. We give you some previews of what you find, virtually getting on board the boat.

The deck is like that of a large yacht, with a large bow sundeck offers comfort and safety, while the cockpit is equipped according to the owner’s requests and can accommodate up to 14 guests.

Going below deck, despite the 13 meters of dinghy and a tapered profile, the internal open space cabin is high and voluminous. Another strong point is the motorization that can be inboard with 700/760 HP Petrol or diesel from 640 to 800 HP. And then there is the outboard option where you can install two or three engines for a total from 700 to 900 HP. The richness of the accessories the boat is supplied with and the countless choices of customization can be found here.

If you want to know more about Technorib, which exclusively manufactures Pirelli inflatable boats, a long history of success, guarantee of impeccable products, click here.

To speak directly with the shipyard

And if you would like to go deeper with a site manager or book a visit via email or whatsapp, in the stand you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click.




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