nauticonceptNow you can manage your boat in every way digitally and remotely with a simple and ingenious app, directly from your smartphone.

It’s called Nauticoncept and it has just arrived at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show.

You’d better visit the company’s digital stand right away to understand the usefulness, time and money savings that this technological solution has in store for boaters, charterers and shipyards who can finally monitor the activity of their boat live.

But that’s not all. It is a 360° digital service.

Here is a summary of the needs Nauticoncept meets:

The creation of tailor-made maintenance procedures and real-time monitoring of the interventions carried out by the various technicians on board
Real-time surveillance of on-board systems in order to ensure their correct use
The management of check-in and check-out, even for a charter (photos, explanations, location of various equipment).

The network of the brand has 150 partners and has already 134 active customers.

Nauticoncept for shipowners, shipyards, dealers, charter companies

The usefulness of Nauticoncept’s 360° service is perfect for the individual shipowner.

But it also has specific functions for professionals, such as shipyards and dealers and charter operators.

To learn more and get in touch

You’d better enter the Nauticoncept booth now to learn more about what they offer in detail and if you want to contact them, just click on the send an email or whatsapp button.




Federico Rossi
Author:Federico Rossi


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