Barche a Motore turned 30 years old in 2020. Who better than Luca Bassani, founder of Wally, to tell what has changed between before and after? His boats have been a watershed and have helped to change and evolve the world of powerboats. So we decided to interview him and today you can see the video among the events of Milano Yachting Week! Watch it here!

Luca Bassani, Wally and powerboats

Luca Bassani, 64 years old, is universally recognized as one of the modern powerboats (and sailboats), creator and builder of those Wally, coveted and appreciated all over the world. For the boating industry, however, he is also much more. His story is there to prove it. That’s why his story is full of surprises, tasty anecdotes and unpublished backstories.

The vertical bow, the folding terraces, the forward cockpit and the use of glass surfaces. All things that we see and take for granted in today’s boats and yachts. Just like the phenomenon of maxi-tenders and MedBoats that are so popular today. Behind all this is Luca Bassani.

Everything stems from sailing, where the Monegasque shipyard took its first steps. Then, one day, an owner asked him for a motorboat and from there, a series of intuitions that have brought Wally’s motorboats to the top of the international nautical world.

The folding side? It already existed at the beginning of 2000

In this photo we see the WallyPower 118 in 2002 and its folding sides. Today they are widespread and are one of the most important trends in recent years. Starting from this 36 meters made to measure boat, today they have arrived up to a widely distributed 9 meters like the Beneteau Flyer 9. This is just one of the many intuitions of Luca Bassani and Wally, that today the nautical world has assimilated, making them its own: look at them all here, in the beautiful story-interview with Luca Bassani.

Wallypower 118
Wallypower 118, photo by Gilles Martin Raget ©



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