Milano Yachting Week


Dalla Top 5 dei gommoni agli yachts di James Bond: ecco 4 video per voi

Sean Connery è stato forse il più famoso agente segreto al mondo, e nei film in cui interpreta James Bond le barche sono spesso al centro della trama: vi raccontiamo le super barche leggendarie protagoniste dei film! Non vi interessa

Tre video incredibili: il G50 di Agnelli e le 10 barche più grandi al mondo

  Dal padiglione eventi della Milano Yachting Week arrivano tre video esclusivi targati Barche a Motore! Oggi vogliamo portarvi alla scoperta del nuovo Pardo Endurance 60, una barca dalle prestazioni invidiabili e dai consumi bassissimi. Dopo una barca moderna ecco

Gli orologi velici leggendari, la storia della pirateria e le barche di James Bond. Tre video da non perdere alla Milano Yachting Week!

Ecco tre nuovi video targati Vela che vogliamo presentarvi oggi, per passare una pausa pranzo divertente e interessante imparando qualcosa di nuovo! Gli orologi velici che hanno fatto la storia? Li trovi raccolti in un bellissimo video che ti racconta la

Dalle 30 barche leggendarie all’antivegetativa scelta da Soldini. Tre video unici targati Vela!

Oggi vogliamo presentarvi tre video che potete trovare nel padiglione eventi della Milano Yachting Week. Tra interviste ai protagonisti dell’America’s Cup di Luna Rossa e ai personaggi più importanti della vela troviamo anche tanti altri contenuti. Un esempio? La lezione

Welcome back to physical boat shows! The physical/digital union is a winner

It’s about time. We return to see live boats, accessories, the world of boating.  From May 29 starts the Salone Nautico di Venezia in an incomparable setting. In September, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It starts from September 7 to

Experts tell the best of boating at MYW

Would you like to know which antifouling agents are the most effective, what a port must have in order to be perfect, why weather forecasts for the sea are not all the same?   The answer to these and other

Silence: Paul Cayard speaks

Il Giornale della Coppa will be back live on Friday February 19th at 1pm with a surprise: our hosts Bacci Del Buono and Mauro Giuffrè will have as guest Paul Cayard (here above in a “vintage” photo), helmsman of Moro

“That’s how I reinvented today’s powerboat” – The interview with Luca Bassani

Barche a Motore turned 30 years old in 2020. Who better than Luca Bassani, founder of Wally, to tell what has changed between before and after? His boats have been a watershed and have helped to change and evolve the

VIDEO Luna Rossa’s double mainsail explained… by Luna Rossa’s mainsman

As we told you here, the stated goal of the Prada Cup organizers is to return to the water on February 19th, restart the series of races (which see Luna Rossa ahead 4-0 over INEOS Team Uk, and finish it

VIDEO Why does Luna Rossa fly? The person who makes it fly explains it to you

While waiting for the Prada Cup to start again, after the stop due to the New Zealand “mini lockdown”, we take the opportunity to go over the fundamentals. An exceptional professor, Mario Caponnetto, explains how Luna Rossa flies. How do

The only way to become a true Luna Rossa fan. You can find it here

Would you like to know everything about Luna Rossa, the most famous Italian boat in the world, currently racing in the America’s Cup, the most famous and important nautical event in the world? Luna Rossa – Everything you need to

VIDEO Tilli Antonelli tells her story: “Me, Raul Gardini and sailing”.

Don’t miss, in the events area of Milano Yachting Week, our long chat with Tilli Antonelli, one of the great personalities of the nautical and motorboat world (among his successes are the foundation of Pershing, that of Wider and today

Discover the video history of boating from the person who reinvented it: Luca Bassani

At Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show we will tell you the history of sailing and motor boating, narrated by those who have reinvented boats. Exaggerated? No, because this story is told by an exceptional character, Luca Bassani,

Tilli Antonelli, the man who founded Pershing and Wider – INTERVIEW

At the Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show today we have another special guest: Tilli Antonelli. One of the protagonists of the nautical world, both sailing and motor boats, who today tells us about his incredible story studded

Face to face with Checco Bruni and Max Sirena at the Giornale della Coppa. VIDEO

How is Luna Rossa’s crew with boat 2? Do you know they are training against the dinghy simulating the opponent? How is the chemistry between Francesco Bruni and James Spithill? And again, what changes will we see on the boats

What I will do to improve Italian sailing. The FIV President speaks

Next Saturday, December 19th, the new President of FIV, the Italian sailing federation, will be elected. We already know who it is. The new president is Francesco Ettore who is the only candidate for the presidency. Ettore, who has already

Face to face with the winner of the Mini Transat, not to be missed!

After the very popular interview with Giovanni Soldini, another great guest is about to tread the virtual stage of Milano Yachting Week. We are talking about the two-time Sailor of the Year, the reigning champion of the Mini Transat, Ambrogio

VIDEO INTERVIEW The “secret” side of Giovanni Soldini

“What was I thinking when I was a child on my father’s Alpa 12.70 in the picture above? Let’s hope it doesn’t overturn!”. “What has changed today compared to when I went around the world? Everything! Not even GPS or

EXCLUSIVE “I reveal the secrets of boat 2”. This is Max Sirena, skipper of Luna Rossa

“We were happy with boat 1, this second hull is its evolution”. Max Sirena, live from Auckland, reveals to us in the events area of Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show all the secrets of Luna Rossa’s second

Three videos to better understand the world of motor boats

How does the world of motor boats work? How did we get to the boats of now? And why are there inflatable boats over 15 meters in circulation and what are the owners of this kind of boats? At Milano

INTERVIEW Romano Battisti, a rowing ace in the service of Luna Rossa!

Do you have to be a champion to board Luna Rossa? True, but it is not necessarily said that you have to be a sailor. This is demonstrated by the case of the “grinder” Romano Battisti: one of the strongest

“So I reinvented today’s motor boat” – The interview with Luca Bassani

Motor Boats turned 30 years old in 2020. Who better than Luca Bassani, founder of Wally, can tell what has changed between before and after? His boats have been a watershed and have contributed to change and evolve the world

EXCLUSIVE 45 years of sailing with Luca Bassani, the man who “reinvented” the boat

At the Milano Yachting Week – the digital Boat Show there will be meetings with the great protagonists of the boating industry, in the events pavilion. With whom, if not with Luca Bassani we could retrace 45 years of sailing?

INTERVIEW Francesco Bruni reveals: “Me and Spithill? We will steer Luna Rossa together”

Francesco “Checco” Bruni, one of the strongest Italian sailors, but above all the helmsman (or rather, co-helmsman) of Luna Rossa. Here is what Checco told us, in connection from Auckland, in the events pavilion of the Milan Yachting Week –

EXCLUSIVE Silence, speaks Vasco Vascotto, the tactician of Luna Rossa

The Vascotto-thought about the America’s Cup and the importance of young people in the Luna Rossa team (and young people in general). Vasco Vascotto, one of the most titled Italian sailors, and one of the most successful in the world,

VIDEO The double mainsail of Luna Rossa explained… by the mainsailer of Luna Rossa

Today, in the events pavilion of the Milan Yachting Week – the Digital Boat Show we are going to discover one of the other secrets of the AC75 flying Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team: the so-called “double mainsail” (or “soft

Why does Luna Rossa fly? The one who makes her fly explains it to you

The new America’s Cup boats, the AC75s, are flying bolides that sail suspended from the water through the appendages, the foils. But how do you design a flying boat? What happens above, what happens below? We talked about it with

EXCLUSIVE – Interview with Luna Rossa skipper Max Sirena in quarantine in Auckland

Today, in the events pavilion of Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show, there is an unmissable appointment! The skipper and Team director of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team Max Sirena, in quarantine in Auckland waiting to reach the