dehler 30 odOne of the most innovative boats in recent years can be found at Milan Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show and can be found at the Dehler booth in the sailboat harbor.

Magically the propeller enters the hull when sailing on the Dehler 30 OD

This revolutionary boat is called Dehler 30 OD, is 10.30 meters long and has many interesting surprises in store.

Visiting it now in our digital boat show you will find, for example, that it has a very simple and ingenious retractable propeller system. Yes, when not using the engine thanks to the Dehler Stealth Drive system, the propeller retracts inside the hull.

You can see how it works in a comprehensive video, you will realize how simple it is to operate, and you will immediately feel what advantages this system offers, both in terms of performance (zero friction!) and practicality (no more objects caught in the propeller!).

The Dehler 30 OD transforms according to the use you want to make

You just have to visit the Dehler 30 OD to find out how the German shipyard managed to make a boat with which to have fun sailing with top performance that is maneuvered by just two people that turns into a boat with which to win in regattas and also perfect for cruising. And it is also beautiful to look at.

In short, the Dehler 30 OD transforms into three different boats depending on your needs: for day trips, for racing, for cruising.

To learn more and contact the experts

You will also discover, by visiting the Dehler booth, the shipyard’s other major new addition, the Dehler 38 SQ. At the entrance to the Dehler booth then, the history of this unique manufacturer born in 1963 that has produced as many as 25,000 yachts awaits you.

And if you would like to elaborate with a site manager or book a visit through an email, in the booth you will find a one-click contact activation button.


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