euphoria 54On the water at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show you will find the boats of the shipyard Sirena Marine that deserve to be better known. They are the two models of the Euphoria line, the 54 and the 68. Boats designed for those who know about sailing.

In particular you should visit today the Euphoria 54, a 16 meters that represents the essence of the last generation blue water, born for long navigation, easy to drive, elegant and marine. Just visit it at the digital boat show to understand the reasons that have decreed its worldwide success.

There is the hand of the archistar German Frers behind Euphoria 54

Behind the Euphoria 54 is the hand of German Frers, who designed the water lines and design of the boat. For the few who don’t know it, Frers is one of the most celebrated nautical archistars. He is recognized for his ability to make boats that are yachting classics that never age. And on the Euphoria 54 his skills are best expressed to us.

Just visit the boat at Milan Yachting Week, look at the extensive photo gallery and videos to realize it.

Inside three cabins and three bathrooms that you do not expect

You should also visit the interiors of the Euphoria 54, designed by the famous Design Unlimited studio, which are a perfect synthesis of classic and contemporary in terms of design and layout, with three cabins and three bathrooms. Everything is rational, spacious and bright with the use of excellent materials. Tradition and innovation are well mixed with wisdom.

Here too you just need to scroll through the stand at Milano Yachting Week, photos and details of the interior to understand what quality and good taste reign in Euphoria 54.

There is another exclusive feature in this boat. Listening to the interview with Federico Martini, at the entrance of the Sirena Marine stand, you will discover that Sirena Marine for this Euphoria 54 provides high levels of customization, like on a superyacht.

If you want to know more contact the site with a click

To whom this boat is addressed, how it is built, how it sails…just click here to discover it in detail. And if you want to go deeper with a shipyard manager or book a visit through an email or a whatsapp, in the booth you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click.




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