bluewaterAre you seriously thinking about dropping everything and heading out on a sailing tour with your family? Or are you a hardened family grinder, for whom the real pleasure of sailing…is sailing?

Know that you need the right boat. At Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show, in the harbor, you’ll find the perfect bluewater boats that will never betray you, in any condition and sea. Today we have selected six of them and we present them to you in order of size.


Nordship 40 DS (12,20 x 3,95 m)

The Nordship 40 DS is the best-selling boat from the Danish shipyard Nordship. It is the ideal choice for those who want to spend long periods of time on board, cruising. Lars Buchwald and his team of highly skilled craftsmen work to make only high quality handcrafted yachts.

Discover it here

Allures 40.9 (12,65 x 4,15 m)

The first sailboat in the Allures range, the Allures 40.9 is an aluminum-hulled centerboarder with great handling, efficiency. It has a double wheelhouse, wide visibility from the saloon, profiled appendages, large storage volumes, technical room, separate shower, double chart table, aft lockers, sea view saloon, all designed to offer maximum comfort in navigation and at anchor.

Discover it here

Hallberg-Rassy 44 (14,45 x 4,20 m)

We couldn’t talk about “bluewater” and forget about Hallberg-Rassy. The 44 feet of the Swedish shipyard, with the traditional central cockpit and the usual maniacal care of finishes and details, is the case of those who want to go on long cruises but does not disdain to have fun sailing. The boat combines the good construction and seaworthiness of previous boats, with the increased speed that a modern hull design has made possible.

Discover it here

Faurby 460 (14,70 x 3,90 m)

Are you looking for a unique boat to sail a lot and safely, built just for you and representing you? Check out the Faurby 460! Each hull, made in close collaboration with the owner and therefore unique, is shaped in one process and in one piece; all raw teak planks are cut, abraded, polished and shaped from scratch. Only precious materials and components are used, selected with pinpoint accuracy.

Discover it here

Garcia Exploration 45 (14,88 x 4,44 m)

This is a sailboat for all latitudes, built in collaboration with the great “globetrotter” Jimmy Cornell. Here is the aluminum centerboarder designed to sail in every sea. The first example of a line dedicated to sailing in all the seas of the world, both extreme and tropical latitudes, is obviously made of aluminum and is a centreboarder. With the double rudders the control in rough seas and the smoothness of movements becomes simply exceptional.

Discover it here

Amel 50 (16,50 x 4,79 m)

From the “pen” of Olivier Racoupeau for the Amel shipyard, the Amel 50 brings the sloop rig to complete the traditionally ketch Amel range. Details and finishes of the highest quality, no compromise when it comes to habitability and safety, ease of use. The perfect companion for your long family sailing trips.

Discover it here


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