In the marina of Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show, three boats of the latest generation of the French shipyard Beneteau have been moored for a few days.

They are on the dock and they are brought by the dealer Spartivento, who has chosen to show to the visitors of our digital boat show the models Oceanis 40.1, Oceanis 46.1 and Oceanis 51.1. Spartivento has made an excellent choice, because these three boats represent the best of the Beneteau range from 12 to 16 meters.

We give you a taste of what you can find by clicking here and contacting the experts to learn more with an email or whatsapp.

Oceanis 40.1

The best of the Beneteau Oceanis range is here

Let’s start with the smallest model, the new Oceanis 40.1 (m. 12,87 x 4,18) which is the perfect boat for those who want to combine performance, comfort and safety.

Oceanis 46.1

The second boat presented by Spartivento in terms of size is the Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 (m. 14,60 x 4,50) which has one of its strong points in the elegance of its line, characterized by an innovative redan hull which gives it an excellent marine behavior and at the same time guarantees exceptional interior volumes.

Oceanis 51.1

Spartivento’s Beneteau spearhead at Milan Yachting Week is the Oceanis 51.1 (m. 15.94 x 4.80) which is the flagship of this Beneteau range. As soon as it came out, it made the other boats of this size look old, thanks to its tapered lines that do not penalize spaces at the top of the category. Plus, as if it were a superyacht, it has 700 different customization options. A record!

With the Yacht Management formula the boat becomes an affair

Spartivento Yachts has another peculiarity that makes its offer unique: Yacht Management. What is it? Just read the brochure in the Stand of Spartivento where they explain their offer of boat management that leads to no more costs, lost time and trouble in the management of the boat, including mooring. And then have a return by entrusting the boat, which is rented generating an income. Because Spartivento is also one of the largest charter companies in the Mediterranean.

Spartivento is at your disposal at MYW

You’d better go to Spartivento’s stand right now, take a close look at the Beneteau models on display and, for more personalized information, just click on the “send an email” or “contact on whatsapp” buttons. Their experts will answer you immediately.


MYW Team
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