allures 40.9Nothing is taken for granted at Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show. Here you will find unique, special boats, real “goodies”, such as the Allures 40.9, on the dock at Sailaway, the importer of three French brands of great prestige: Amel, Garcia and, precisely Allures.

We asked the two Sailaway owners, Paola Donadelli and Paolo Salomoni, to give us some previews of what you will find at the digital boat show by visiting the Allures 40.9.

“The Allures 40.9 is the perfect boat for those who want to experience sailing and the sea with a boat that looks like no other. Conceived to sail with a unique safety and ease,” this is how they summarized the essence of this boat.

We recommend you to go immediately on board the Allures 40.9.

Discovering the boat that does not chase fashions

Allures 40.9 is the boat of life, the one that is no longer worth changing, chasing fashions. Would you like some examples of why it is a unique boat, different from the others? Here are some features that make it unique:

  • The aluminum hull for unsurpassed impact resistance.
  • There is a watertight aluminum bow bulkhead, shockproof.
  • Cover made of composite for maximum rigidity and lightness.
  • All manoeuvres sent back to the cockpit for single maneuverability
  • It is equipped with the standard integral drift easy to maneuver, allows you to anchor a few meters from the shore.
  • Stability and ease of handling at all times, thanks to the two rudders.
  • A sheltered but comfortable cockpit for long navigation.
  • Hull designed by Berret and Racoupeau that guarantees exceptional stability and high performance.
  • Ample stowage space throughout the boat for great autonomy
  • High-end interior design for a pleasant life on board in the roadstead and functional in navigation

Allures 40.9 to go to the end of the world

The shipyard explains why Allures 40.9 is a different boat from the others: “Our partner, the naval architecture firm Berret-Racoupeau, has designed a modern hull combining the proverbial solidity of aluminium with its width, power and maximum waterline length. So more efficient and high-performance, the Allures 40.9 is free to take you anywhere in the world. Cut through the mild trade winds, reach heavenly islands, wander the fjords of Scandinavia… there are many sailing experiences to choose from. The large stowage capacity and the large fuel tank also ensure a perfect autonomy for more and more freedom”

Discover how the Allures are born and you can book a visit

And if you want to understand why Allures is an iconic shipyard and discover the other new models of the group to which it belongs, and above all the reasons that make it one of the most coveted boats, visit the space where all the secrets of Allures are revealed, led by its Italian importer, Sail Away.

You don’t have to go deeper with a shipyard manager or book a visit through an email or whatsapp, in the stand you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click.







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