foilAt Milano Yachting Week you will find not only cruising boats and accessories for the summer, but also super sport boats with foils to have fun in safety.

By now, foil technology (we’ve all seen them in the latest editions of the America’s Cup) has also landed on standard boats, so why not? Why not become sailors “in step with the times” by flying on water? If the first models of flying boats were complicated to manage, now technology has worked on the second step, which is to make the boats take off in total safety.

In our digital boatshow we have found for you two boats equipped with foils, a dinghy and a racer of 11 meters, to have fun in the water, without compromise.


A flying dinghy and “eco”

The first of the foil-equipped boats you’ll find at our digital salon, at the Northen Light Composites stand. It is called Eco Foiler and uses the technology applied to the futuristic AC75s of the America’s Cup – protagonists of the spectacular challenge between Luna Rossa and New Zeland in Auckland – on a small 3.80-meter long flying dinghy. A flying boat that wants to be for everyone.

Among other things, it’s a modern and completely “green” product (hence the name Eco Foiler), as project manager Sergio Caramel told us: “We’ll use linen fibers and Elium resin, with a core of high-density recyclable polyethylene, a thermoplastic and not thermo-hardening resin. In fact, thermoplastic can be melted and reused at the end of the product’s life. The linen has a low CO2 impact production, combined with the thermoplastic resin makes the composite perfectly recyclable at the end of its life. In addition, the hull is coated with recycled carbon fibers, short scraps in practice, a few centimeters or millimeters, with which we protect the entire hull with an outer skin of about 0.2 millimeters.


At 20 knots in total safety with the ClubSwan 36

The second of the ultra-fast boats with foils that you will find at the Milan Yachting Week, in the stand di Nautor’s Swan, is the new ClubSwan 36 (11 x 3,60 m), designed by the great Juan Kouyoumdjian, a guarantee when it comes to performance.

Go and visit her now and you will discover how ClubSwan 36 is similar to a modern supercar, allowing you to reach exceptional limits in total control with the extraordinary sensation of sailing at over 20 knots in total safety. The innovative design boasts a flush deck, an open cockpit and retractable bowsprit, a beveled bow and a transverse sliding C-foil.

A carbon bolide devoted to pure performance: think that it was conceived “without interiors”. Accessing the interior of the boat with a sliding retractable hatch, you can see the bulkheads and the longitudinal structure made with unidirectional reinforcements. Carbon is used on some covers to increase rigidity. The bulkheads in front of the rudders are watertight to ensure greater safety at sea. All interior components are of lightweight construction and removable bunks can be made occasionally.



Federico Rossi
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