Dufour has always been accustomed to being an avant-garde shipyard. Just think that the first boat produced in large series, has invented almost fifty years ago just the French shipyard with the legendary Arpege. Now Dufour has invented something brand new, a single boat that becomes three distinct boats, different from each other.

Dufour shows us all this at the Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show in the harbor and at Race Nautica’s stand.

The designer tells the genesis of the Dufour 530

How did they achieve all this? If you want to understand how the famous shipyard Dufour has managed to make a single model three different boats go to see now the Dufour 530 progenitor of this new production philosophy.

First go also to take a look at what tells who designed the boat, the Italian studio Felci Yacht Design that explains well how it has developed the concept of combining in the same boat large spaces cruiser with a sporty spirit, with an ease of conduct. In any case.

Three versions for every need

To discover in concrete terms the winning recipe of the new Dufour 530, get in the boat by clicking HERE. You will find a video that instantly shows you what oversized spaces on a 53 feet (16.35 x 4.99 m) have managed to get the designer Felci and the shipyard Dufour but also the beauty of its modern lines.

Then, you are explained in full how the three versions of the Dufour 530 differ, which are:

Easy version developed for greater ease of maneuvering

Ocean version developed for long navigations and super-accessoried

Performance version developed to combine comfort with high performance under sail.

Finally, discover visiting the Dufour 530 the ingenious four versions of the internal layout from 3 to 4 cabins + 2.

Just a click to get in touch

And if you want to deepen with a manager of the shipyard or book a visit through an email or a whatsapp, in the stand you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click.



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