Meteomed Yachting Premium


Meteomed Premium

Meteomed Premium is our most popular recreational subscription. Includes:

  • SMS service (bulletins and warnings)
  • E-mail service (bulletins and warnings)
  • Automatic telephone bulletin
  • Synoptic tables for ports and sectors
  • Cartography
  • Meteornight

Automated bulletin and alert services are supplemented by maps at different zoom levels of the entire Mediterranean Sea, allowing an areal assessment of the weather-marine environment. From the cartography, it is possible to observe the behavior of the wind, sea and all variables, understand the movement of the centers of action and, therefore, become aware of the evolution of the weather as miles and hours pass.

Premium customers also have the “meteorotte” service to build their navigation route and, thus, study the weather conditions along the entire route. The chart plotter allows you to plot your own course, set departure time and average boat speed, and then receive weather and sea forecasts in time step. Meteorological forecast data can be viewed in both synoptic tables and cartography.

The premium subscription also includes the satellite service with lightning strikes, an essential tool for direct contact with the real situation. By alternating between consulting forecasts and observing from above what is actually happening, it is possible to reduce the margin of error and achieve a heightened awareness of weather developments in a given area. In addition, the lightning data allow us to highlight the presence and trajectory of mature clouds and thunderstorms that can change the wind field. An essential tool for monitoring one’s course and safety in dynamic and unstable atmosphere conditions.


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