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A reliable weather provider is essential for all maritime operators, not only in the recreational sector: safety in navigation, logistical organization, and continuous monitoring are aspects of absolute importance for professional operators. Whether it is an offshore platform, a shipping company (cargo or people), or a maritime agency monitoring port traffic, there is a need for a tool to monitor weather trends on the entire road network or on individual routes.

For shipping companies, the Meteomed Maritime service allows them to reconstruct the recurring routes of vessels and monitor them with forecast systems along the daily route with a time horizon of up to 10 days. Using an accurate algorithm, Meteomed is able to calculate wind and wave incidence hour by hour, as well as sea state and expected time of arrival. The system, then, indicates at the preventive level the occurrence of possible alerts and adverse phenomena, so that the customer is able to efficiently plan vehicle movements and the best routes to take.

A weather emergency service is also available to assist sea operations in parallel with the authorities, both in advance of a possible accident (prevention) and in the event of an accident at sea (intervention). However, our operations room remains available for any 24/7 weather advice.

The dedicated weather service for maritime agencies aims to optimize resources at ports. We provide solutions that enable monitoring of weather patterns over the port area. We start from simple preventive warning indicators to more advanced systems that, thanks to specific data and models, indicate favorable and unfavorable weather conditions for each time of year, so as to plan in advance the deployment of men and means.

Meteomed Maritime and MeteoSense

The possibility of integrating the forecast data with the constant detection of weather stations makes it possible to significantly increase the reliability of the forecast. And the system supply is taken care of by us!

Thanks to important collaborations with specialized companies, we are able to provide professional weather monitoring units. MeteoSense from Meteomed REAL TIME is a control unit entirely designed and manufactured in Italy that combines reliability and ease of use: it is the ideal instrument for the main needs of meteorological monitoring. The materials, electronics, and sensors we supply are designed for use 365 days a year in all conditions and are manufactured to last with low operating and maintenance costs.

There are a variety of control unit installation configurations that also include the possibility of integrating high-resolution webcams, which are also available with night vision.


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