ZEUS 200

They made products for motorhomes, then they said: “Why don’t we invent one for boating?”. So Mobil Tech designed and produced Zeus 200 Mobiltech that produces energy on board without any noise and practically without an engine.

A success born at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show not even a month ago that is revolutionizing the concept of the on-board generator.

Discover how ZEUS 200 Mobiltech works

Just enter the Mobil Tech stand and listen to the video interview with Vera Vaselli. These are very interesting revelations that can be seen in the video and clearly illustrate the characteristics of the Zeus200 thermoelectric generator. We invite you to listen immediately to the innovations that make it a unique product, which was not on the market.

ZEUS 200 Mobiltech, so much energy in silence

For example, you are in the roadstead for the night, you want to have energy. Turn on the Zeus 200 that will make you and the nearby boats sleep soundly. In fact, you practically can’t hear it. As Vera Vaselli says, less than 30 decibels at seven meters!

And the engine… it is not there because it uses a power generation system that is what NASA uses for its space missions.

Ecological, practically zero emissions

And the emissions? They practically do not exist and therefore it is ecological, respectful of the environment. How much energy does it produce? 400 Amps per day, 200 watts of power output and can be connected to solar panels. Zeus 200 takes care of sorting the energy produced to the on-board batteries. You can install it anywhere, on small and large boats: it weighs only 36.5 kg and measures only 67x35x33 cm.

Learn more about Zeus 200 Mobil Tech

Find out how Mobil Tech’s technicians have realized the brand new Zeus200 thermoelectric generator, how this new accessory is made and how it is mounted on board, by visiting the product in the stand at Milano Yachting Week by clicking directly here.


You will also be able to talk directly with Mobil Tech’s experts via email and, maybe, go see it live by booking an appointment, here

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