Are you in the mood for real sailing fun? Don’t you want to be part of the polluters of the sea? Does it appeal to you to get ahead of everyone in the regatta? Well, at Milan Yachting Week – The virtual Boat Show you are in the right place to see the boat that is right for you.

It’s called EcoRacer 769, and you can find it in the sailboat harbor.

Ecoracer 769, Grand Soleil designer designed it

We are not fibbing to you, this boat of just over 7 meters is truly an explosive novelty. Listen now to the video interview at the entrance to the Northern Light Composites booth that is building her. One of the partners, Andrea Paduano and EcoRacer 769 designer Matteo Polli (one of the up-and-coming designers, he designed the latest Gran Soleils) tell you what we anticipated.

Get on board and see how it is built

And in four videos you will find out how this boat is being born, as if you were in the shipyard,. An exclusive new addition to our digital boat show that promises to be one of the top boats of 2021.

Constructed of flax fiber to go faster in eco mode

Because it will make you have fun and feel strong sensations? Because Matteo Polli had a free hand, hear what he says:” On this boat we pushed on the accelerator of innovation in several areas, starting with materials but also in hull shapes and appendage lay-out.”

Why really and not in words is this boat good for the environment? In fact, thanks to nlcomp’s Ecoracer 769 technology, it is constructed of 100 percent flax fiber and has an end-of-life recyclable core. The motor is electric.

Why will you look great in the regatta? Because the Polli-designed boats are going strong, weighing only 1,100 kg for a boat 7.69 m long, 2.80 m wide with 42 sq m of upwind sail area. A power-to-weight ratio of a racing superboat. All you have to do is click here to get on board EcoRacer 769 now.

They are at your disposal just a click away

And if you want to learn more,
Northern Light Composites
is available to give you briefings, invite you to the shipyard, and inform you about the eco-technologies behind EcoRacer769 and their boats built with this method, just click the email send button, it goes directly to them.


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