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An umbrella on board a boat? It can be done, but it is not as simple as it sounds. You have to design it specifically for nautical use, otherwise a disaster happens…plus it’s really “cheap.”

At Milan Yachting Week-The digital boat show you will also find this: Gardenart, a Florentine company that specializes in making boat umbrellas. It seems obvious, what is different about a garden umbrella than a boat umbrella? Very, very much.

Shade on board with boat umbrellas

Gardenart’s Yachtingline engineers have developed a line of boat sunshades that take into account the differences a seemingly simple product must have when used on a boat.

Gardenart has thought of every type of boat, sail or motor. From the small-sized boat to the superyacht.

A simple solution that is easy to install and store

The perfect solution for easy stowage and simple installation is the Sunflower Easy model(click here), perfect, for example to be installed on the bow or on the aft bathing platform. Take a quick look at how it works, and why a simple and ingenious idea, by visiting in Gardenart’s Yachtingline booth


Sunflower Easy(click here) which provides an area of 2.50 x 2.50 m and, stowed, has a footprint of 20x20x202 cm. Find out why Gardenart’s Yachtingline is a world leader in this particular segment. Visit the booth now, so you will no longer say when you are on vacation under the scorching sun in the roadstead, “ah, if I had thought of a sun umbrella sooner!”

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To find out the peculiarities of Yachtingline boat sunshades from Gardenart and contact a manager directly with an email or whatsapp to learn more go click here .

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