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All right, now is not the time for a boating vacation in Croatia, the European country that boasts 1244 islands in just 250 miles, a world record. But why not dream now and prepare for next summer’s vacation?

You can find the right occasion at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show in the stand of the pavilion “tourism”.

Boating vacations: Croatia

Here, at the stand of the Croatian Tourist Board you will find unique opportunities to go on a boating vacation. Where? In the best of Croatia. The Milan Yachting Week has selected for you four dream itineraries. Here are the right ideas, because dreaming now costs nothing and is good for the spirit.

Idea number 1: Cruise to the islands of Dalmatia: sea, but not only

Why cruise the Dalmatian islands by boat? To discover the simple and clean beauty of the Croatian Adriatic Sea which can be found everywhere. Both along the “continental” coasts and along the coasts of the many islands that are part of the Dalmatian region. For more information click here

Idea number 2: Dubrovnik and the Elaphites: a paradise of Croatia

Ancient and magnificent city of Croatia, Dubrovnik is “only” the arrival point of a cruise that starts a few miles further north where you can discover the delicious and wild Elaphite Islands. Almost all of them have been little inhabited by man since ancient times, the 13 islands of the Elaphite archipelago look like small flower gardens coming out of the sea. To learn more click here

Idea number 3: Islands of Croatia: dream places for boating vacations

In the middle of the Adriatic, Croatia offers real pearls for boating vacations, among which are the magnificent Kornati: to reach them the perfect base is the port of Sali located in the southern part of the island of Dugi Otok. almost one hundred islands and white rock cliffs that cluster in a narrow stretch of sea, about 35 km long and 13 km wide at most. To learn more click here

Idea number 4: Istria and Kvarner, Italy is just a step away

Istria is the first region of Croatia that can be reached by sea, and land, from Italy and although it is not as famous as the small remote islands of Dalmatia, it offers a cruise to discover a fascinating and sometimes even wild coastline. About 450 km of jagged and spectacular coastline, among which there are well-equipped marinas and spectacular bays. To learn more click here

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