Toy 36 fuoribordo

Toy 36 Outboard

The outboard mania is now also classic boats like the lobster. A trend that is gathering more and more admirers and that now also sees Toy Marine, the Italian shipyard that is among the most famous in the world in this segment. The main models are now on display at Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show. The new project coming soon is the Toy 36, an 11.65 meter boat that will now be equipped with outboard engines.

Toy 36 outboard

After 16 years since the launch of the first Toy in Toy Marine, a “special” version has been developed to celebrate the Toy 36 n. 36.
It is a Toy 36 in fly version, but with a very special feature. The boat will be powered by two 300 horsepower outboard engines that guarantee a cruising speed of 30 knots and a maximum speed of 35 knots. Click here to board the Toy 36 and see what it looks like.

The boat is endowed with a very strong personality and in its classicity the outboard motors integrate harmoniously. What are the advantages of this type of motorization? First of all, the new propulsion leads to weight savings. This allows to have a lighter boat and therefore able to consume less. In addition, there is also a simplification of the systems with consequent ease of management and maintenance of the vehicle. No doubt this is an interesting novelty for those who love this kind of boat, but want to choose an option that can give practical advantages. Look here how the Toy 36 was born with outboards.

Toy 36: really special boats

Toy Marine boats are really special. They are boats that, even from below, give the impression of seaworthiness and seaworthiness. That V pronounced at the bow, that step and those skids give security. Because the style of the shipyard is based on harmonious lines, which recall the styles of classic yachting, immutable canons that define a beautiful boat, which always likes and never gets old.

To know more about Toy 36 and 36 Fly

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