david insuranceThere is a key service that protects your wallet, tailored to your boat, in the service pavilion at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show.

We are talking about custom-made insurance for any type of boat, new or used of any size. A service that David Insurance, a leader in marine policies, offers at its booth.

A different service that saves your wallet

Why is David Insurance’s service and offerings different from the usual insurance? As Michele Arrigazzi, CEO of the insurance broker company, explains in the video interview, this broker offers personalized advice on taking out Body Policy, which is nothing more than the name of the policy that in the car world is called Kasko.

Find out more about the special “all-risks” Bodies policy tailored for boaters that David Insurance offers here and get a quote. They do it to you directly by clicking on the button you find in the booth.

How to avoid bad surprises

The consulting service that this broker offers is about the best price in the market with service provided by the most reliable companies in the market. It also keeps you from getting nasty surprises by avoiding the traps that sometimes prevent compensation. You can find out at David Assicurazioni’s booth at Milan Yachting Week.

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If you would like to discuss further and receive more personalized info, just click on the email or whatsapp button. They answer you right away.













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