barcheSummer arrives and the desire to go boating returns, dreaming of a day at sea in a beautiful bay. But the right boat counts, and how!

Where do you find them? You can find them moored on the sea! These are the spectacular boats, not registered in Italy, that you can find at Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show: there are hundreds of them qui, catalogued from A to Z by shipyard name.

To make it easier for you to choose, we have selected three brand new models of boats that are perfect for taking a wonderful bath after a satisfying sail and maybe sleeping one night, from 7 to 10 meters, each of which has something special, which we reveal below.


Sunbeam 24.2: a sail, a swim and a night on board

Sunbeam 24.2: a sail, a swim and a night on board
The first of the boats we are presenting is the new version of the Sunbeam 24.2 (7.00 x 2.50 m). She is truly a perfect for every use, a miracle of modularity, in just 7 meters.

It is perfect for sailing with satisfaction, the sail plan is generous and easy to maneuver, the hull is performing. And if the wind rises, thanks to the 38% of weight in the keel, the Sunbeam 24.2 heels very little and there is no need to reduce the sail immediately.

But if you want to use the Sunbeam 24.2 to spend a day in the bay, at anchor and enjoy the sea and the sun, there is no shortage of space on deck. The cockpit has two large side seats where you can also lie down, the descent to the sea is easy thanks to the open stern and the opening swim ladder. Space for sunbathing also in the bow.

But the best part comes when you decide to spend the night in a roadstead. The interior of the Sunbeam 24.2 is a real treat. First of all because this shipyard has one of its strengths in the quality of its construction and the wood used, and then because the space is unsuspected in a hull of only seven meters. Inside, there is a very simple but efficient layout with a large open space with a double bed in the bow and two large opposing sofas that in turn become comfortable beds. In a reserved compartment there is a chemical toilet and not missing a nice folding table.

Discover the Sunbeam 24.2 HERE

Esse 330: this nine-meter looks like a superyacht

A fulfilling day of sailing, the kind you’ll remember forever, awaits you virtually at Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show on the dock at the stand of Italian designers Felci Yacht Design

by clicking on the video of their Esse 330 (9,90 x 2,50 m). You’ll find yourself aboard a 9.90-meter day sailer, the Esse 330, capable of incredible performance, but also very easy to handle by just two people. What’s more, inside, there are environments that allow you to spend one or more days on board without touching the ground.

We recommend that you visit the Esse 330 right away to see for yourself how the designers of Felci Yacht Design have succeeded in this elegant, high-performance boat, as luxurious as a miniature superyacht and as easy to use as a pure cruiser, in blending these seemingly antithetical characteristics.

But there are many other clever solutions in this boat, all to be discovered.

Discover Esse 330 HERE

Dufour 360: here you can also cruise with your family

Here is a boat of the latest generation, the Dufour 360 (9.93 x 3.54 m), which has a triple soul, or rather the triple function of a boat for daily sailing trips, for days of bathing in the roadstead and also for family cruises.

The Dufour 360 is the perfect example of how in a boat of only ten meters are enclosed all the comfort of a sailboat of much larger dimensions. The work of Dufour and the famous Italian designer Felci Yacht Design ensures that space is exploited to the maximum, but with class and great taste. Easy to say in such small dimensions, very difficult to do. In short, the ideal boat not only for day trips but also to make a real cruise with friends or family, just know that there are versions with two or even 3 cabins!

You just have to discover how Dufour has created such a versatile boat.

Discover Dufour 360 HERE

Federico Rossi
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