At the Milano Yachting Week – the Digital Boat Show, there is no lack of bluewater made in Italy. Boats dedicated to long cruising, in the sign of comfort combined with more than satisfactory performance, characterized by the contemporary and elegant design typical of Italian boats.

An example is the LC range of Grand Soleil, three models from just under 14 to over 17 m with which you can explore the seven seas, all right, but in total comfort.

Grand Soleil 42 LC (13,85 x 4,16 m)

The first model we are going to talk about today is the Grand Soleil 42 LC (LC stands for “Long Cruise”), the last born model of the Blue Water range dedicated to the long-range cruise of the Cantiere del Pardo. To understand the true value of this 13.85 meters overall (4.16 m beam) we recommend you to watch the beautiful video presentation.

You will understand how the hull of the GS 42 LC, designed by Marco Lostuzzi, guarantees on the one hand a high level of stability thanks to generous volumes, and on the other hand high levels of performance thanks to a well-proportioned sail plan, as you can see from the data of the boat.

We then suggest a tour below deck: as regards the layout of the interiors (designed in collaboration with the “masters” of Nauta), two versions will be available, one with two cabins and one with three cabins (both configurations include two bathrooms with shower box) in order to satisfy as much as possible the needs of the owners. A real jewel conceived, designed and built in Italy by Cantiere del Pardo.

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Grand Soleil 46 LC (14,72 x 4,41 m)

The second boat “on the catwalk” is the one that gave birth to the LC range. We are talking about the Grand Soleil 46 LC. The generous volumes of the hull allow for large water and diesel tanks, batteries and boiler all positioned amidships. This arrangement allows to lower the center of gravity, which, together with a well-proportioned sail plan, allows to optimize the stability and safety during navigation. Also for greater safety on board, all bulkheads are laminated to the hull.

Take a virtual tour aboard the boat and you’ll understand how attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of the 46 LC: from the choice of the finest teak and oak, to the fabrics, every finish is designed to offer the highest quality and beauty Made in Italy.

Below deck, the elegant interiors are equipped with several storage areas, large windows that give a bright and airy look to the interiors, thanks to the natural light that illuminates and brings out the colors of the interior, creating a pleasant atmosphere where you can spend entire days in total relaxation.

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Grand Soleil 52 LC (17,05 x 4,90 m)

The Grand Soleil 52 LC is the flagship of Del Pardo’s Long Cruise range. Visit it, watch the beautiful video presentation and you will understand how all the maneuvers are postponed below deck at the helmsman’s station: this allows to facilitate and make pleasant long navigations, even with small crew. This type of organization frees the cockpit from encumbrances, leaving space for areas of complete relaxation.

There are two versions: a more sporty one (the Sport, without rollbar and with increased mast) and the Cruise. Going to the discovery of the interiors, the GS52 LC provides 3 very comfortable double cabins: it is also possible to have a private bathroom for each cabin. The owner’s cabin has 2 layouts; with a classic bed towards the bow or a French version with a spacious bathroom in the bow.

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To learn more about the boat and the Grand Soleil range

And if you want to know more, Grand Soleil’s experts are on hand to advise you, just click the send button in the email or send them a message with whatsapp. Take a look also at the other models on display in the stand: the “oceanic” Grand Soleil 34 and the brand new Grand Soleil 44, as well as the 48 and the flagship 58.

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