A boat with osmosis

Osmosis in boats (or fiberglass osmosis) is a decidedly common phenomenon. The problem is that it is potentially very harmful, especially if it is not diagnosed quickly. From today, however, you can sail (and stay moored) always serene because at Milan Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show there is a solution. In fact, Veneziani Yachting has developed Aquastop, a primer specifically for fiberglass boats (
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with which you can say goodbye to all osmosis-related problems.

Osmosis boat: say goodbye to it with Aquastop

Has your boat been affected by osmosis? Are you afraid that might happen? Don’t worry, Aquastop (
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) is specially designed to treat fiberglass boats affected by osmosis and works as a protection. At the same time it also preventively protects your boat from this very annoying problem.

How Aquastop works

  • Makes the boat 100% waterproof
  • Can be used as prevention from osmosis
  • Withstands both fresh and salt water

What is Aquastop by Veneziani Yachting?

It is a specific for the treatment of fiberglass hulls affected by osmosis phenomena and particularly recommended for preventive protection treatment. Characterized by excellent water resistance (salt, fresh) provides perfect hull waterproofing. Click here to see how it works

How to remove osmosis from the boat: specialized centers

If your boat has already been hit, all is not lost. How? The Boero Group has created Aquastop points: these are specialized centers for the application of Aquastop, affiliated with Veneziani Yachting and have dedicated equipment and qualified staff for osmosis care

Do you want to learn about Aquastop centers in Italy, how they work and get information about costs?
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and you can get directly in touch with an expert who can advise you on the right solution.

Do you want to know more?

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you can get directly in touch with the Veneziani Yachting team (also on WhatsApp) to find out the best solution for your boat.

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