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Get ready, here we’re going to tell you about something you need from the boat that you probably don’t know exists. What are we talking about? Five boating accessories/tools that are about as new and useful as it gets.

You’ll find these five goodies at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show, the only (virtual) place where you can browse from the comfort of your seat with any device (computer/tablet/smartphone) among 70 brands and 700 products of every kind, from superyachts to fiberglass cleaners.

Here’s a sneak peek at the five ultra-innovative and little-known accessories you’ll want to know about right away at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show.


  1. The generator for all boats without engines

The energy revolution is served at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show with the brand new Zeus200 thermoelectric generator produced by the Italian company Mobil Tech.

ZEUS 200

Now energy is no longer a problem on board. Why is it revolutionary? Because Mobil Tech’s Zeus200 is a charger generator without a traditional engine that weighs very little, takes up very little space, is silent, practically non-polluting and has no vibrations. It can also be installed in small sailing and motor boats.

Find out how Mobil Tech technicians created the brand new Zeus200 thermoelectric generator, what this new accessory looks like and how to install it on board by visiting the product at the stand at Milano Yachting Week by clicking here.

  1. On-board batteries are enough to have fresh water

It is called Osmosea New 12 and it is an innovative watermaker that you can find here and it is enough to scroll through the technical specifications to understand that the watermaker, once a privilege of big boats, today is within the reach of every boat, even without having to install a power generator, heavy, expensive, bulky, polluting.

It is better to see how Osmosea has realized the new New 12 to realize how it really works thanks to the patented system of pressure intensification, which allows an energy recovery up to 80%. So the power supply can come directly from the batteries on board without installing new ones. And without a generator.

Osmosea New 12

  1. Cleans the boat immediately, without effort and damage

It’s called The Cleaner by Synteak, and it really works. In a video test that you can find here the tester Carlo Luongo has subjected it to a severe test on teak, cushions, etc..

The Cleaner by Sinteak really works, in a short time on gealcoat, natural or synthetic flooring, cushions, engines, hulls, fenders.

The product is totally environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Impossible for it to ruin or corrode anything. Discover how Sinteak’s technicians have created the new The Cleaner, the only instant power cleaner on the market, by clicking here:

the cleaner

  1. The watch that won the America’s Cup

America’s Cup time, so do you want to discover the cult watch of the oldest and most famous nautical event in the world…and maybe buy it now?

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer derives from the experimental model created for the America’s Cup when at 17:27 and 39 seconds on Monday, September 18, 1967 Intrepid won the fourth race against Damie Pattie’s Australians and won the America’s Cup in Newport, Rhode Island.

Over the years TAG Heuer Aquaracer has evolved to become what it is today, an iconic “object” that, in the TAG stand (click here) with a single click on the “buy now” button also allows you to purchase online.

TAG Heuer milano

  1. How to never slip in a boat again

We recommend that you watch the video that explains everything in a few minutes. In the meantime, we’ll give you a taste of what Harken Marine Grip is and how it is applied.

First of all, a curiosity: it was created by surfers in Hawaii who had the great problem of finding a way to apply something to the board that would not make them slip in the crucial moments of the surf and that would not be abrasive for the feet.

Marine Grip Harken

Lo and behold, Harken Marine Grip has taken the best of this invention and transferred it for a his to any footing surface in the boat. It is non-abrasive, installs easily anywhere without the need for specialists, you can do it yourself.

Have we intrigued you?

You just have to visit this revolutionary product in Harken’s booth, To make your boat the safest place to walk, even when the deck is wet and the cross seas make it easy to risk slipping thanks to Marine Grip.


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