If you love the sea and respect it when you sail on it (and beyond) you are already an eco sailor. And there is no need to be an environmental hardliner.

It only takes small attentions that cost you nothing to help help save the sea and the planet from pollution. Just, for example, choose products that are eco-friendly, but really eco-friendly. Think about it, they don’t have any disadvantages compared to traditional ones, simply because of their characteristics they are environmentally friendly.

At Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show there are many eco-friendly products with these characteristics.

Going around the booths of the largest digital boat show , we selected seven right ideas to help you become an ecomariner, too. Here they are.


1st idea: Sunglasses born from boat scraps

An idea that is good for the environment, costs little and is “modest” that you can find in the store pavilion at Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show.

Would you ever have thought of wearing sunglasses born from the scraps of marine plywood from a wooden boat? The Zen brand, which has always been linked to DIY or small wooden boat builders and master shipwrights, has already taken care of that. Plus…these sunglasses are beautiful! Have we intrigued you? Find the glasses (in a range of six models) by clicking here.


2nd idea: the coating that looks like teak, but is super-echo cork

The way to a coating as beautiful as teak but environmentally friendly is offered by Marine Cork with an amazing product. Marine Cork transforms cork into a high-tech product that is as compact and smooth to the eye as a teak lath. And walking on it gives a “soft” feeling.

It is environmentally friendly because the cork is the bark of the tree that is reformed, and there is no need to cut down forests to obtain wood strips, as is the case with “real” teak.

In addition, it has outstanding characteristics, such as simply weighing less than a third of traditional or synthetic teak . To give you an example, an area of 40 square meters with Marine Cork. Find out how the people at Marine Cork make this eco-product by clicking here


Synteak Marine Cork

3rd idea: Antifouling that cleans itself…very eco!

The cleaner a boat’s hull is, the less it consumes at the same speed. That said, Omnirace, is the antifouling that lasts one year and is self-polishing. That means the hull will self-clean as you sail. The more you leave the harbor with your boat, the more it acts by bringing in biocides that keep marine flora out. Obviously, this product from Boero meets all anti-pollution standards. Do you want to know how very eco antifouling works ,
click here

4th idea: the eco watermaker that works without a generator

You’ll want to look now at how Osmosea made the New 12 to realize how it really works thanks to the patented Pressure Intensification System, which allows up to 80 percent energy recovery. So power can be supplied directly from on-board batteries without installing new ones. And without a generator, the main source of pollution, noise and cost. If you like the idea, click here.

Osmosea New 12

5th idea: The beautiful and eco electric scooter

It will be one of the best electric scooters in the next few years, totally “made in Italy” or rather “made in Turin,” ecology-conscious. TO.TEM presents two safe and fast scooters, also controlled via app, with the best technology and riding comfort on the market, find out more,
click here
and don’t miss this product launch offer!

totem lynx e-motion

6th idea: The generator no longer has a motor, so it is finally eco

Why is it revolutionary? Because Mobil Tech’s Zeus200 is a charger generator without a traditional motor that weighs little, takes up little space, is quiet, virtually pollution-free and vibration-free. It is also good for small boats.

Beautiful story of how the thermoelectric technology used now by NASA came about, exploiting the Seebeck effect, discovered in 1821, a brilliant insight that you can find by clicking here.


ZEUS 200

7th idea: natutal teak cladding and recycled PVC. More echoing than that!

Synteak has made Composite Te ak which is a brand new material composed of 60% real teak and 40% PVC. The practical result is that it has the beauty of natural teak and all the advantages of practicality, reduced maintenance and durability of 100% synthetic teak. Teak Composite by Sinteak combines the merits of the natural product, teak, with that of PVC (but recycled and therefore environmentally friendly). To learn more, click here.

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