There is a lot of talk these days about the boat being equivalent to a second home and therefore it can be reached by leaving one’s own region, complying with the anti COVID regulations and put in place by the various governments.

But the boat can really be a viable alternative to a second home, where to live their leisure time, without having to necessarily have a second home to the sea?

Yes, the boat can be to all intents and purposes a second home on the water. Indeed a villa and not an apartment. And we prove it with some examples that we found at the Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show where you will find moored in the virtual port dozens of boats of all sizes.

Are you ready? Here are five examples from 10 to 14 meters of any price, they are boats born to offer convenience and comfort comparable to those of a house, with the advantage of being able to move on the sea!

10 meters: Sealine C 330, the second home that takes advantage of all the space

Category: Open cruiser

Let’s get on board together the Sealine C330 – click here – which with its 10.31 meters in length and 3.50 meters in width encloses all the comfort of a much larger motorboat. 10 meters in length that are also perfect for a second home at sea for a family of 4/5 people.

The work of Sealine and the famous English designer Bill Dixon ensures that space is exploited to the maximum, but with class and great taste. Easy to say in such small dimensions, very difficult to do.

On deck, with a cockpit that opens and closes thanks to the intelligent use of glass, the Sealine C 330 seems to be on a sheltered salon that turns into an open terrace overlooking the sea with a kitchen. Dixon’s great work can be seen even more in the interiors with two cabins and a large bathroom area, illuminated by large hull windows. In short, the ideal boat as a second home, day trips but also to make a real cruise with friends or family.

11 meters: Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 life on board is very pleasant

Category: Trawler

The Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 – click here – with its 11.29 meters by 3.29 meters, could win the prize of best boat=home of 11 meters. Its modern trawler conformation (the best conformation for this use) makes it perfect for living aboard for long periods.

The Swift Trawler 35 offers spacious, functional and design fittings. The driving position, with glass, allows a 360° view and diffuses a pleasant natural light. Owner’s cabin accessible through a convenient door, private bathroom and second cabin with superimposed beds. Outside, the Swift Trawler 35’s flybridge offers comfortable living space on board with sea views.

beneteau barche a motore swift trawler 35 2

12 meters: Fountaine Pajot MY5 with two hulls lots of extra space

Category: catamaran with Flyingbridge

Here you are on board the motor catamaran Fountaine Pajot MY5 – click here – which with its 12.91 meters by 6 is ideal for living aboard. Immediately you will understand that in boats with two hulls the space is about 50% higher than in a traditional monohull. If then, as in this case, there is also a Fly (terrace above the roof of the boat) then the useful space increases even more.

And there is no better example to define a boat a real second home on the water. And what a boat! The great strength of the Fountaine Pajot MY5 is in comfort with a bright and spacious interior. Every volume on board has been designed to offer a luxurious and practical lifestyle. This catamaran has a full galley and a wheelhouse that opens onto the cockpit; the cabins are spacious and include a master suite.

Fountaine Pajot MY40

13m: Linssen 450 AC you live well there even when it’s cold

Category: motoryacht

In northern Europe, boats are used much more than in the Mediterranean as beach houses. One of the best examples of a home boat is the Linssen 450 AC Variotop – click here.

With a length of 13.75 meters and a width of 4.65 is a true Nordic style motoryacht in which the cockpit is transformed, thanks to a simple transparent closure, in a veranda to be used in all seasons.

In fact, the Variotop line stands out for its elevated driving position that can be protected by the soft top in case of need or projected outdoors in good weather. But don’t think that Linssen 450 AC Variotop is not also a boat for sailing, thanks to its ideal size, with the new Linssen 450 AC Variotop you can make all kinds of sea trips in a comfortable and stress-free way.


14 meters: Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 born to be also a home

Category: trawler

Trawler boats, born in the United States and spread around the world are synonymous with boats as comfortable as houses. And even their shape and exterior and interior layout reminds of them. The Beneteau Swift Trawler –click here– 14.74 meters long by 4.50 meters, is a perfect example of a boat as a second home. Her solid appearance inspires an immediate feeling of security. The impression is confirmed on board with a clear and extremely practical deck plan.

Wide walkways and numerous handrails ensure great peace of mind for passengers. The large flybridge can accommodate up to four people facing the sea, in the first rows while sailing. Modular at will, the cockpit invites you to enjoy the pleasure of living at sea. The Swift Trawler 47 has three cabins and a convertible sofa, and can offer up to 8 extremely comfortable berths.

swift trawler 47 barche a motore 2

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