barcaThere is a lot of talk these days about the boat being equivalent to a second home and therefore it can be reached by leaving one’s own region, complying with the anti COVID regulations and put in place by the various governments.

But the boat can really be a viable alternative to a second home, where to live their leisure time, without having to necessarily have a second home to the sea?

Yes, the boat can be to all intents and purposes a second home on the water. Indeed a villa and not an apartment.


And we’ll show you with some examples we found at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show where you’ll find dozens of boats of all sizes moored in the virtual harbor.

Are you ready? Here are seven examples from 10 to 14 meters of each price, they are boats born to offer convenience and comfort comparable to those of a house, with the advantage of being able to move on the sea!

10 meters: Dufour 360, don’t call her small, you’re wrong!

Just click on the product Dufour 360 (m. 10,30 x 3,54) to know everything about this boat that in only ten meters encloses all the comfort of a sailboat of much larger dimensions. 10 meters in length that are also perfect for a second home at sea for a family of 4/5 people.

The Dufour 360 is the perfect example of how in a boat of only ten meters are enclosed all the comfort of a sailboat much larger. The work of Dufour and the famous Italian designer Felci Yacht Design ensures that space is exploited to the maximum, but with class and great taste. Easy to say in such small dimensions, very difficult to do.

In short, the ideal boat as a home, day trips but also to make a real cruise with friends or family.

What are you waiting for to see this little boat/home?

10 meters: Hallberg Rassy HR 340, life on board is very pleasant

The Hallberg Rassy HR 340 (10.36 x 3.47 m) could win the prize for the best 10-meter boat/home.

As experts know, Hallberg Rassy yachts are all little masterpieces of nautical craftsmanship, their interiors are works of fine cabinet-making, the spaces are exploited precisely to experience the boat as a home. And outside, the cockpit is sheltered and welcoming, with the possibility of being used even in the less favorable seasons. In northern Europe, boats are used all year round, just like homes. And the Hallberg Rassy HR 340 is a perfect example of a small boat/home.

This brand-new yacht offers all the strengths of the Hallberg Rassy in combination with the latest in Frers design. It is designed to provide superior comfort and performance and has raised the bar to a level no one previously thought possible for a boat of this size. Visit it now, here.

11 meters: Hanse 388, interior perfect as home but also goes fast

She was born to sail fast and offer maximum comfort when you’re at anchor, but the Hanse 388 (m. 11.40 x 3.90) is perfectly suited to be a second home on the sea. Just take a look at the interior full of new solutions with two or three cabins and a real home kitchen. Take a close look at the three different layouts.

If you climb aboard the Hanse 388, we were saying, you will immediately understand that the space above and below deck is incredibly increased compared to the past, thanks to the volumes of the hull that extend the maximum width to the stern and some ergonomic tricks that you can appreciate by watching the videos of the Hanse 388.

You just have to see it now, here.

12 meters: Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42, with two hulls so much more space

Here you are on board the sailing catamaran Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 (12.58 x 7.20 m) and you’ll immediately understand that in boats with two hulls, space is about 50% more than in a traditional monohull. And there is no better example to define a boat like the Astrea 42 as a real second home on the water. And what a boat!

The great strength of the Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 is in comfort with a bright and spacious interior. Every volume on board has been designed to offer a luxurious and practical lifestyle. The Astréa 42 is available in a Maestro version, featuring a master suite with private bathroom and two double cabins with two private bathrooms, or in a Quatuor version, equipped with 4 double cabins and 4 private bathrooms. Visit to understand how the catamaran is a villa on the sea, here.

13 meters: Elan Impression 45.1, born to be comfortable, inside and out

A perfect synthesis of comfort outdoors and below deck. One of the best examples of a 13-meter houseboat is Elan Impression 45.1 (m. 13.59 x 4.18), a true yacht that stands out for its habitability and comfort thanks to the deck saloon that expands the interior spaces.

The large and long cockpit also has a grill, sink or refrigerator, and a large fractional table that can be converted into two sunbeds, and also has a spacious stern deck. Below deck you’ll find elegant, high-quality finishes, a – in-line – full galley, a chart table, and spacious cabins lit by large portholes.

But do not think that Elan Impression 45.1 is not also a boat for sailing, thanks to its ideal size, with the new Elan Impression 45.1 you can make all kinds of sea trips in a comfortable and stress-free way.

So many videos show you its eclectic capabilities, click here.

14 meters: Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 beautiful, comfortable and safe. With a secret

Beneteau’s Oceanis range was born precisely to offer together great space and comfort and ease of sailing. The 14-metre Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 (m. 14,60 x 4,50) is a perfect example of boat=second home. Her solid, streamlined appearance inspires an immediate feeling of security.

The impression is confirmed on board with a free and extremely practical deck plan. Wide gangways and numerous handrails ensure great tranquility and safety, even when in port. The secret of the great space, especially inside, of the Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 is the innovative redan hull which, besides guaranteeing an excellent marine behaviour, increases the usable space, increasing the width at the bow and therefore guaranteeing exceptional internal volumes.

To visit now, here.

14 meters: Lagoon 46 when the boat/home is also elegant

Let’s go back to the world of catamarans with the superstar of the 14 meters Lagoon 46 (m 13,96 x 7,96) that was born with the aim of offering a sailboat with spaces and comforts of a home. The Lagoon 46 is a project of the iconic multihull architects Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost (VPLP) and the made in Italy design of the famous Nauta Design studio.

The result of this union with the Lagoon 46 is to have all the advantages in terms of space of a catamaran (50% more space than a monohull with the same length) but to have a catamaran beautiful to see, graceful and elegant. It is not little!

Lagoon Spartivento Yachts dealer has another peculiarity, the Yacht Management. What is it? An offer of management of the boat that leads to no longer have costs, lost time and trouble in the management of the boat, including mooring. And then have a return by entrusting the boat, which is rented generating an income. Click here to learn more.

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