Why do sailboats have to be more uncomfortable than powerboats? From this reasoning Andreas Schochl, the young boss of the Austrian shipyard Sunbeam, which for 65 years has been producing sailboats from 20 to 50 feet, set to work. So a shipyard that had made tradition its strong point, realized a real revolution giving life to the Sunbeam 32.1, 10 meters long but as big as a 12 meters. Revolutionary because it breaks every scheme.

The young Schochl brought together the best of the nautical world, Slovenian designer Jerney Jacopin (who invented the Bavaria in the 1980s) and Austrian designer Gerard Kiska (who designs KTM motorcycles). The result is truly revolutionary. When it comes to space, the Sunbeam 32.1 has two never-before-seen solutions.

sunbeam 32.1The Sunbeam 32.1 revolution

There are more square metres of usable comfort space in the bow than in the cockpit. If we talk about the aft area, the designer Kiska has invented a platform that protrudes from the deck that doubles the usable space. But that’s not all, to live better in the open air, as on a terrace, he has designed a system of curtains that cover the entire aft surface, with the result also of reducing the internal temperature, thanks to the large shaded areas. And if we talk about interiors, the designer’s idea was to eliminate doors and dead angles to create a large, bright loft.

The aesthetics of the boat are also out of the box. It looks more like a futuristic car than a traditional boat. Kind of like the New Zealand boat that just won the America’s Cup. For the hull, the guarantee is in Jacopin’s capabilities. Double wheel and double rudder blade, with a choice of three types of drift blade: long, short or double bulb. With the latter option, the boat when pulled ashore supports itself without the need for invading.

An eco boat. For real

But the Sunbeam 32.1 is also something revolutionary from an ecological point of view. Integrated in the sliding access hatch below deck there are solar panels that can recharge the batteries (lithium) in 5/7 days. The construction then uses in part linen fiber fabrics, instead of the harmful fiberglass. The deck covering is made of a new material, Resystadeck, which looks like wood but is instead composed of rice husks, crystal salts and mineral oils. The result: no trees are cut down. All fabrics (including the tent) are made with a minimum of 23% recycled yarn. To whom does this revolutionized boat of only 10 meters appeal? “To all young people at heart, to couples, to families,” summarizes Andreas Schochl.

You can find the Sunbeam 32.1 and contact the importer Race Nautica inside our digital boat show www.milanoyachtingweek.com, in the shipyard section where you can find Sunbeam.

Federico Rossi
Author:Federico Rossi


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