garcia exploration 60If you are looking for the sailboat to take a trip out of the port, please do not look at the boat we are about to talk to you, which you will find exclusively moored while it is being built in France, in the port of Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show.

Just take a look at the brand new Garcia Exploration 60, read the features, look at the photos of this boat to realize that you are in front of the essence of the blue water cruiser, born to go where you want, regardless of any sea, in maximum safety. In short, a special boat, out of the chorus. For those who really love the sea and sailing. Without ostentation and with so much substance.

Seven reasons to visit Garcia Exploration 60 now

To entice you to visit Garcia Exploration 60 now in our digital boat show we give you seven reasons:

  • It is the last realization of the Garcia shipyard that since 1974 builds boats that today sail in the seas all over the world, Polo included. An icon for real sailors.
  • The hulls of the Garcia are made of aluminum, the safest and most robust material there is for the construction of a boat, always repairable.
  • The Garcia Exploration 60 is designed by world masters of oceanic boat design, Berret Racoupeau.
    It is armed with a cutter, that is, with two jibs controlled by two girafiocchi. Easy to use for sailing with a small crew, it allows you to have a boat always balanced.
  • It has an integral drift that reduces the draft almost to zero. The up/down system is simple and safe, tested by hundreds of boats that Garcia has already launched.
  • It is also beautiful to see, without following the fashion of the moment. Elegant, efficient, sheltered in the cockpit like a house that sails, always.
  • It has comfortable and refined interiors, but designed for those who really go to sea.


A boat that women like too

If you’ve been flooded, all you have to do is go aboard and visit the Garcia Exploration 60. You’ll also find out why it’s a boat that women like so much, as Paolo Salomoni, founder of Sail Away, importer for Italy of the French shipyard Garcia and also of the brands Amel and Allures, tells in the video interview.

Find out how the Garcia’s are born and you can book a visit

If you want to understand why Garcia is an iconic shipyard and discover the other new models of the group of which it is part, and above all the reasons that make it one of the most coveted boats, visit the space where all Garcia’s secrets are revealed, led by its Italian importer, Sail Away. You don’t have to go deeper with a shipyard manager or book a visit through an email or a whatsapp, in the stand you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click.


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