According to Italian law, boats that do not exceed 10 meters in length (hull length) do not need to be registered. They are called “natanti” in bureaucratic jargon. No license plate, reduced bureaucratic practices, simplified safety equipment. But in reality, these 10-metre boats are much bigger than they seem. They reach well over 10 meters in length overall and, above all, shipyards find solutions to make them the perfect boats not only for day trips, but also for sleeping on board with family and friends.  They also have hulls capable of undertaking long navigations.

We went to our virtual boat show, the Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show, and we chose for you three boats that have “oversize” features while remaining within the threshold of hull length of 10 meters. Therefore, they are not subject to registration under Italian law.

Sealine C 330 – 10.31 m

Sealine C330 (click here) is the perfect example of how in a boat of only ten meters are enclosed all the comfort of a much larger motor boat.

The work of Sealine and the famous English designer Bill Dixon ensures that space is exploited to the maximum, but with class and great taste. Easy to say in such small dimensions, very difficult to do.  In short, the ideal boat not only for day trips but also to make a real cruise with friends or family.

All you have to do is visit the Sealine C 330 on the dock at the Milano Yachting Week (click here) to discover its features, read about the new concepts that inspired it, watch the first photos in navigation, those of the interior and the deck and a nice video.

Sealine C330V

Beneteau Antares 11/11 Fly – 11.08 m

Antares 11/11 Fly (click here) is available in two versions, “open” and Fly. It’s a small superyacht with a cockpit that opens (yes you read that right!), an upper cabin with galley, powered by two 300 horsepower outboards and with five berths in two cabins. And in the fly version a “second floor” where you can pilot, lie down, eat, relax as in a private terrace.

Beneteau with Antares 11 and 11 Fly (click here) has created a boat that, you may have guessed, is a miracle of habitability. But it is also a boat with very modern, sleek, elegant lines.

All you have to do is visit Beneteau Antares 11 and 11 Fly on the dock at Milano Yachting Week to discover its features, read about the new concepts that inspired it, look at the first photos in navigation, those of the interior and the deck and enjoy its video.

Look here the boat

beneteau antares 11 fly

Beneteau Antares 11 Fly

Nord Star 31+Patrol – 10.5 m 

The Nord Star 31+Patrol is not only an “all weather” (click here) cruising motorboat, but it is also designed for those who love speed and luxury. This 10 meters is in fact able to touch the 50 knots of maximum speed. If you are planning a longer navigation instead the consumption at the cruising speed of 26 knots is about 1.9 liters per mile. In line with the Nordic tradition is a boat designed to deal with the most challenging conditions in total comfort. A comfortable and easy boat inside, but with adequate space outside as you can see by clicking here.

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