To help you navigate through the 250 products on display at Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show today we have chosen for you three “lightning bolts” to visit right away!

How to save your wallet and boat with the right insurance
Where: Services Pavilion


David Insurance

What: insurance broker specialized in boating
David Assicurazioni is different from the usual insurer. He offers personalized advice for the stipulation of the Body Insurance Policy, which is nothing more than the name of the policy that in the world of cars is called Kasko.
Lightning strike: The consulting service is about the best price on the market with service provided by the most reliable companies. It also avoids nasty surprises, avoiding the traps that sometimes prevent compensation.

The restaurant arrives by boat and you eat like a king with Foodinghy
Where: Services Pavilion



What: on board catering services
This innovative service of Foodinghy allows us sea lovers to receive on board, at anchor or in port, a lunch or dinner from a restaurant.
Lightning strike: Just go to their website, choose the dishes you want on board and in 30 minutes they will arrive you. All year round even when, out of season, you go to your boat and you don’t really feel like going out.

How not to struggle when you moor. Harken’s brilliant idea!
Where: Accessories Pavilion



What: CLR Mooring Winch

At Milan Yachting Week Harken explains how to solve the problem of mooring. In his booth he presents the revolutionary CLR Mooring Winch that allows, at the press of a button, to automatically manoeuvre the mooring lines to be pulled or released.
Lightning strike: CLR is telescopic (never seen before!) and when not in use it disappears flush with the deck. No clutter and risk of stepping on your feet while walking on deck. In addition, it weighs little and takes up little space below deck.

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