amel 60Two completely different roads in the stylistic and technical approach to get to the same point, the perfect bluewater, the boat to go where you want, when you want, with whom you want.

The two perfect examples of two boats that can’t be more different from each other but that aim at the same goal of making the owner happy and calm, proud to own a “perfect” boat, can be found at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show.

The boats that we want to compare for you are about 18 meters, a perfect size to be used all year round, maybe to live on board for long periods.

For you we have found in our digital boat show two perfect models to be compared. And here comes the challenge between two latest generation models. Do you prefer the charming and tapered lines of Nautor’s Swan 58 (m. 17,96 x 5,27) or the unconventional and comfortable ones of the Amel 60 (m. 19 x 5,35)?

Great challenge, who will win? It will be you who will choose your favorite after visiting them in the port of Milano Yachting Week – The virtual Boat Show in the stands of Nautor’s Swan, which houses the whole new range of the Swedish shipyard or in the stand of Sailaway which houses the best of the Amel range.

To make your choice easier, we give you some indications to get a first idea about Nautor’s Swan 58 and Amel 60. Then you can decide by exploring the boats in detail, with a simple click.

What the Swan 58 offers you

The success of the brand new Swan 58 (m. 17,96 x 5,27) is based on the latest evolution of the Blue Water concept of which Nautor has been the progenitor since 1966. The Swan 58 is a true Blue Water yacht intended to cruise in comfort anywhere in the world, the bow sections have been softened with the idea of allowing a smoother upwind sailing.

Go HERE now to learn in detail how those at Nautor’s Swan have created the Swan 58, a Bluewater yacht, with all the typical features for this purpose, but without any compromise in terms of performance and pleasure of steering the boat. And if you have any questions, just click on the email or whatsapp buttons to get the answers from the experts at Nautor’s Swan.

And what does the Amel 60 hide

With the Amel 60 (m. 19 x 5,35), the French shipyard, world leader in boats for travelling the world, has created a boat unlike any other. And you will discover it by visiting it. At the Milan Yachting Week.

Would you like some examples of why it is already a cult object? The cockpit is completely sheltered, standard are electric winches, lithium batteries, retractable maneuvering propeller. No other shipyard offers them as standard. As for comfort we are at the level of superyachts in just 60 feet (19 meters).

To learn more about all the features of this boat that competes with the catamarans in space and comfort, you should go on board now by clicking HERE.

In addition, if you have questions to ask, just click on the buttons of the email or whatsapp to get answers from the experts of Sailaway.


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