luca bassaniAt Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show we will tell you the history of sailing and motor boating, narrated by those who have reinvented boats.

Exaggerated? No, because this story is told by an exceptional character, Luca Bassani, the founder of the Wally boatyard, who reinvented boats and made them what they are today.

If boats are easier to use, if they are more beautiful and practical, we owe it in large part to him, Bassani.

Pleasure at sea

And do you know what his recipe is? It is to go to sea with pleasure and comfort. With great sensations of going as fast as possible…because at sea there are no roads, no stops, no speed bans!

Luca Bassani, two videos for one story

Are you ready to enjoy the history of boating through the story of Luca Bassani? Here’s where you’ll find the fascinating and instructive video interviews in the Events section of Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show:

SAILING BOATS: The history of sailing in the last 45 years according to Luca Bassani you can find HERE

MOTOR BOATS: The history of motor boats according to Luca Bassani find it HERE

One last piece of advice, enjoy them both, because in this case the passion for the sea that Luca Bassani transmits has no boundaries or divisions. For once the world of sailing and motor boats come together. Enjoy!


MYW Team
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