How does the world of motor boats work? How did we get to the boats of now? And why are there inflatable boats over 15 meters in circulation and what are the owners of this kind of boats? At Milano Yachting Week you will find this and even more, that is the technical explanations on some details, but very important. An example? How to use the life raft! A situation that nobody would ever want to be in, but for which it is better to be always prepared.

Let yourself be transported inside the Milano Yachting Week with these three videos that will allow you to better understand the world of motor boats and inflatables. Or go out in greater safety and awareness during your next navigation.

How were today’s motor boats born?

Luca Bassani, founder of Wally, is the watershed in the world of motor boats today. For the Mediterranean boat there is a first Wally and an after Wally. There are many innovations brought by Luca Bassani and today we are going to rediscover them all through the direct account of his experiences.

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Life raft

Together with Nicola Sacchi and Paolo Aziani of Lega Navale Italiana section of Milan, we are going to discover all the secrets to make your navigation even safer! For example, how does the life raft work? In this video you can see how it works, which one to choose and much more, comfortably on your phone or computer.

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Who sails with maxi ribs?

The maxi rib are among the boats of the moment. More and more shipowners choose this type of boat that in a few years has managed to gather the consent of a heterogeneous and transversal public. But who are the owners of maxi-boats? Andrea Loro, sales director of Sacs Marine, a company that has made maxi-rib its mission, explains it to us.

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